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French sorrel has pointy leaves that have a subtle, lemony flavor. French Sorrel, or buckler- leaved French sorrel is another common variety. The leaves are lance-shaped, shiny green and can be from 6-12 inches in length. Sow seed about one inch deep. Like sorrel, lovage can fall prey to a leaf miner. Sorrel makes a great addition to our Gourmet Herb Garden Six Pack. Its leaves are often used raw in salads, but can also be cooked or steeped to make a tea. French sorrel can be started from seed sown in the garden in early spring. French sorrel taste a little less acidic when compared to the other sorrels that are cultivated such as garden sorrel, rumex scorrel , spinach dock etc. French Sorrel Plants, Herb Plants, Organically grown sorrel plants They are a great low cost way to fill a lot of space. Overview Information Sorrel is a plant. Today we'll show you how to grow sorrel, an herb that has a lemony scent and flavor (similar to lemongrass), and goes great in almost all dishes. French sorrel is a low-growing, creeping perennial herb that grows up to 45 to 60 cm tall and spread up to 60 cm wide. The powerful, distinctive flavor of lovage means that one plant is generally enough. French sorrel is among other types of sorrel plants, botanically classified in the buckwheat plant family (Polygonaceae), which also counts rhubarb (Rheum x cultorum, zones 3-8) among its members.French sorrel and another sorrel species, garden sorrel (Rumex acetosa, zones 3-7), also known as common sorrel, are the two most commonly cultivated members of this genus. It grows the male and the female parts separately which means it is dioecious in nature. It is hardy in most regions, tolerating frost, full sun and short dry spells. How to Grow Sorrel in Pots or in the Yard The sorrel … This plant is often available in plug trays. Although sorrel is often used in French cuisine, it is not so common in North America. The flavor is very acidic and lemon-like. The plant is smaller than other sorrel varieties, growing up to about 12 inches tall, according to Harvest to Table. Each cell is 3/4 of inch by an inch. A smaller variety, French sorrel reaches about 6 inches in height. French sorrel is a popular culinary ingredient. Sorrels resemble spinach in appearance; has a heart shaped leaves that grow 18 inches long and a purple hermaphrodite flower that adorns the plant. These trays hold 128 of all the same plant. French sorrel … Garden sorrel (Rumex acetosa) is commonly cultivated in French vegetable patches, and the season is just beginning.It is a sturdy, easy-to-grow leafy plant that comes back year after year, and belongs to the same botanical family as rhubarb and buckwheat, which is always fun to know.. French sorrel produces small, shield-shaped green leaves with a subtle citrus flavor. Either buy a plant or sow seed from around March where you want it to grow, or in a 3-inch (7 cms) pot and transplant it once it's around 4 inches (10 cms) high. French Sorrel, or Buckler Leaf Sorrel (Rumex scutatus)This attractive sorrel native to Europe grows close to the ground, almost like a vine, hardly more than 6 inches tall. The bell-shaped French sorrel leaves are best eaten raw, are known for their tangy, acidic bursts of sour citrus flavor, and grow to be about six inches high and Sorrel is also called sour dock and is a perennial herb that often grows wild in many parts of the world. Check here to see if Garden Sorrel Plug Trays are available. People use the above ground parts for medicine. French sorrel (Rumex scutatus) is commonly grown in herb gardens throughout Europe. Plant description. Sorrel is a mound shaped plant growing in the form of a rosette.

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