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lava rock vs ceramic media

Only anaerobic bacteria then have the ability to reduce Nitrates into Nitrogen gas, which then off gasses into the atmosphere. So if you want to go down this road, it’s a good idea to place your ceramic rings where they will have good water flow – such as directly under the outflow on your filter. Now, don’t get me wrong. Just how quickly they accumulate gunk entirely depend on what you have in your tank, but as they clog, it will inhibit the amount of oxygen that can flow over the beneficial bacteria which can result in a die off. I’m guessing it’ll probably depend on what filter, but it’s worth an ask. The lava rock wins this one hands down. Nitrosomanas and nitrobacter are the two beneficial bacteria that live in your filter that do the heavy lifting. Cover the entire fireplace floor area with lava rock, which is usually included with the ceramic log kit. There’s one product that I came across the internet. Hi Hannah, Some beneficial bacteria will hang out in the substrate, but as far as adding rings there goes, it will be of minimal benefit. It’s a crude way of doing it but it’s certainly feasible. Your article was so informative and helpful. Finally, how can I switch over from the filter cartridge I have now to my own filters without wrecking the bacteria? More air pockets is better. And if your ceramic rings become smooth, then less beneficial bacteria can to cling to them and break down the harmful chemicals. That $100 for nonsense could had gone to some other supplies more important in the hobby. They say you can keep that plastic piece in there with your sponge and bio rings it’s another place that builds beneficial bacteria, I’m a yr into getting technical, Only because I have a gold fish that my GRANDAUGHTER won at carnival and 4 tanks later amd almost 4 yrs. An accurate aquarium test kit is your best friend in this situation. It's everything that I need/want in biological media. Filter media are very important in a fish tank. The second number is the “effective” surface area in square feet per cubic feet calculated from that test. A test of ammonia oxidizing capability of various filter media was run. The third test used twice the media of the first test. Now, this presents a bit of an issue. If you have no room for an extra sponge inside your filter, you can always look into pre-filter sponges. They are reusable, so clean up and preparation is much faster than with charcoal. It’s the aerobic bacteria that are most important, and for that, any old ceramic rings will do. Higher end barbecues came with ceramic briquettes, which functioned much the same but had the advantage of even heat distribution. Thank you very much sir. Hi! Now my question is, if you have 2 identical tanks with the same bio load, one with ceramic ring and the other don’t, will their nitrate level be different and how much ie: 80%, 50% or just 10% ? As we have discussed in other pages, aquaponics combines aquaculture (raising aquatic animals such as fish, snails, crayfish, and prawns) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil) into one integrated system. I've been keeping fish for over 30 years and currently have 4 different aquariums – it's an addiction. Would I need to place it somewhere different if I changed from cartridges to a pad/floss and ceramic rings, or should it stay put? I need to extend planting a little as the shrimps took a liking to 3 varieties and stripped them bear so I’m ‘re planting with the 3 they didn’t like ….we really enjoyed your reviews and the one relating to activated charcoal opened our eyes so we’ll be purchasing your recommendation. This test was replicated three times (thirty tests total) and replicated well. I have so many queries also about carbon ( chemical filter ) , please write something about carbon also. Ceramic rings offer the perfect home for the beneficial bacteria in your aquarium. Clarity of the water was measured for eight weeks of cycling ten 40 gallon aquariums with different filter media in canister filters and a heavy load of food. Be careful and don’t expose them to soap, chlorinated tap water or scrubbing. Can I use ceramic rings in a saltwater aquarium. The rule of thumb is that if you don’t know what’s in it, don’t add it to your aquarium. This way, water not only runs over the ceramic rings but through them as well. What Are Bio Balls and Why Are They so Good for Biological Filtration? And the need for “crystal clear” water goes beyond aesthetics. Deep inside rock and filter media. With an assortment of filter media out there in the pond world from filter pads to bio-ribbon to lava rocks to bio balls. Would it work properly? Whether you go all out on one type of biomedia or mix it, the surface area is the most important. Nevertheless, it is definitely a good idea to change the water often, 80% sounds good, or even 100%. Sometimes referred to as bio rings, ceramic rings are unglazed pieces of fired ceramic. The links below are a complete review of all the filter media, discussions of each media in depth, the calculations needed to work out how much media one needs for various situations and discussions on media which just don’t work as advertised: The 17 chapters shown below in maroon lead to over 300 articles on all aspects of keeping a freshwater aquarium. Incorrectly replacing your ceramic rings could kill everything in your aquarium, which brings me to my next point…. This “rule” was confirmed in the scientific literature. While it’s not common, you don’t need to place the ceramic rings inside your filter to receive their benefits. I have to applaud you for taking the time for caring for your the fish your granddaughter won. Or how can I find the correct material to contain my bio media? The more surface that is available, the more bacteria that your filter media can hold. What has to be emphasized here is that most people key in on only ammonia and nitrite oxidation when looking at filter media. 30 years ago I was in the same boat, and just like you, I learned by asking lots of questions too. This barrier was typically made with a layer of ceramic briquettes or lava rocks heated by the burners to a very high temperature, that would vaporize any drippings that fell on it. I’m guessing maybe put some of the media in with my cartridge and leave it for a while to let the bacteria transfer, remove the cartridge, and put the rest of my media in, but that’s just a shot in the dark. Would this increase the variety of beneficial bacteria? An aquarium with no ammonia OR an aquarium with both no ammonia and crystal clear, healthy water. We grill very frequently and I used the same rock grate and rock for eight years. Unfortunately, there is no set number – it all depends on the size of your aquarium. As for the two filters running, it shouldn’t cause any issues (you can never have too much filtration) the concern would be water movement, since betta do not like strong currents. May 9, 2005 86 0 0. You can always use a pre-filter sponge if your filter allows it. Let us now draw a basic comparison of the two by learning how they are similar and what the differences are. so the hobbyist takes apart the filter and cleans ALL the media. If you cannot clean your ceramic rings, then it might be time to replace them…. Those 2-in-1 (filter floss + carbon) disposable filters are a bit of a scam and if you can ween yourself off them, you probably should. As for last-ability, Sintered Glass media lasts an incredibly long time. Simply add them to your aquarium filter. Ceramic rings don’t filter your aquarium. If you are going to add ceramic rings, make sure you leave your disposable filter in there as long as possible (up to a month) as this will allow any established beneficial bacteria to migrate it’s way to the ceramic rings. should be the first thing that water passes through on its journey through your aquarium filter. would you please tell should I place ceramic rings submerge under water? Ceramic media is the most economical and widely used form of tumbling media, used in a variety of finishing equipment, including vibratory finishers, centrifugal disc finishers, vibratory tumblers, and other conventional mass finishing equipment types. Next, you want to add the ceramic rings to your filter. Yes, you can and they will work just as well, but they potentially won’t last as long as if you left them full sized. Hey ian! The complete test procedure used to come up with these numbers is outlined in the following link: Because of reticulation and free volume considerations the surface area calculations are not very dependable. I’m unfamiliar with the SuperFish brand, I assume you are from outside the USA? To test the ammonia oxidizing capability of various aquarium filter media  10 five gallon buckets were set up. Assembled Height (cm): 21.00 cm. For me I recently bought Micromec but if Sintomec doesn’t absorb No3 its better for my plants, can you tell me is it real what they said or just another product to sell and thank you so much? But EVERYBODY does it, including the author prior to doing this testing! Fortunately, ceramic rings are super easy to clean. Lava is an attractive rock in its own right so not only is it beneficial, it is also ornamental too. Rjk thanks! It’s in these pores that the beneficial bacteria make their home. I dont know if you know about the top fin 5 gallons with the built in filter, however its a beautiful tank but the compartment is SO tiny. The sponge holds most of the beneficial bacteria and that is designed to be disposed of. Thanks again and good day. After going through your articles i am thinking of placing the Bioballs first with oxygen supply, then Ceramic Rings and in the last Activated Carbons. Only difference is the color). But there are a huge number of falsehoods about filter media spread by equipment manufacturers in order to make money. I mean ammonia water keeps flowing from inlet of biomedia and goes out of biomedia with ammonia reduced. A typical large canister filled with ceramic rings, lava rock or BioHome filter media will give good ammonia oxidation with 80 five-inch mbuna and crystal clear, healthy  water with 4 five-inch mbuna. And without these beneficial bacteria, you will experience ammonia spikes, which can kill your fish. While you can skip the coarser sponge, you will have to make sure you are on top of your maintenance routine and regularly rinse your filter floss. Thanks for the kind words and I wish you all the best in the hobby. You see, ceramic rings in an established tank, meaning one that has already been cycled, will already be coated in beneficial bacteria. It's also very easy to clean, cheap, and lightweight. Ceramic aquarium rings are designed for bacteria to grown on. Disposable filters are somewhat of a scam. This is the surface area which should be used for calculating the required volume of filter media for a given weight of fish. It sounds like you are all over it, especially with your trial and error experience with your shrimp! How often should I replace ceramic rings? You see… Your new ceramic rings will not have any beneficial bacteria living on them. Aquaponics Grow Media. I have tripled my ceramic rings and feel so relieved to finally understand the aquarium dynamics. What do you think, is the process flow correct. If you grab a filter media bag to keep the ceramic rings together and place them over an air stone from your air pump this will generate current through the rings which will allow the beneficial bacteria to filter the water as it passes over them. These are living things! I have used Seachem's Matrix and DeNitrate which is a type of lava rock (pumice stone). First you need a mechanical filter, otherwise the biomedia will trap debris and gunk, leaving less surface area for the bacteria to cling to. I need to wait 30 days before my tank stand is made and shipped so would love to get a jump on my good bacteria. Just be mindful they do come in a variety of sizes, so check and make sure the measurements match with what you are after. Filtration media (cartridges, bio-rings, foam) needs to be replaced every month or every six months or “when they get dirty”. Please let me know if you need anything clarified here! Also I was wondering, do you think one could use ceramic ring filter for human drinking water ? What this does is encourage the bacteria to grow on your new filter media. Both of these filter media has been created to function differently and both of them are effective. Despite this, ceramic rings are not commonly used in marine and reef tanks. I have 2 aquaclear filters which tell me how to place the media (bottom- sponge – middle- carbon – top rings (i actually took out the carbon and just have to sponge and rings – I feel like with everything nowadays there is so much conflicting information in this hobby – I just read a very popular forum that so many people were arguing in the comments about the order of media in an aqua tech filter where you place the media front to back instead of top to bottom like a canister or aqua clear. A typical large canister filled with 30 ppi Poret foam (“sponge”), static K1 media or plastic pot scrubbers will give good ammonia oxidation with 700 five-inch mbuna and crystal clear, healthy water with 35 five-inch mbuna. And when used properly, ceramic rings provide powerful biological filtration for your aquarium – keeping your tank safe from dangerous chemicals! I don’t want to end up shelling out for cartridges when I could probably do better for cheaper. It’s made of sintered glass. You can either crush it up and put it in your filter bag or use it as a decoration in your main tank. What is being missed is the concept of crystal clear water. Over time, you may notice that your ceramic rings begin to trap waste and restrict the flow of water through your filter. I think it sounds good but you are the boss on this one. They are at least 4 times the size of the original bio rings (stones is abetter description). Typically you would arrange your filter as follows: Water flow into filter-> Coarse sponge -> Fine sponge (such as filter floss) -> Bio media -> Chemical media (such as activated carbon) -> Water outflow to tank. It doesn’t take long for the tiny pores to clog. Your comment will appear after it is approved by our staff. 3. I plan to use mechanical filtration first and then the rings, leaving the blue plastic pieces in the HOB filter and seeding from his current tank gravel and established filter media. If these pores clog, it means less bacteria can call them home. I don’t know if i am right or not. Briquettes, while more expensive, are a stable manufactured product that have a longer lifespan and can be turned over and reused. It’s just not enough after reading your article. The ceramic rings will trap gunk and need to be cleaned on a regular basis. I also ordered some mesh bags but they are to fine for bio material IMO. This beneficial bacteria removes ammonia and nitrites (harmful chemicals) from your aquarium. I can’t fit anything in there anyway so I thought it would be fine… Just in case it’s not I am cycling a 10 gallon for him now so I might just move him! I recently replaced the rocks and grate for under $60. Thank you for the lovely feedback. A typical large canister filled with ceramic rings, lava rock or BioHome filter media will give good ammonia oxidation with 80 five-inch mbuna and crystal clear, healthy water with 4 five-inch mbuna. GrillPro Barbecue Ceramic Briquettes (1) View Wishlist ... Barbecue Lava Rocks distributes heat evenly; Enough for a full size gas grill; Perfect for gas grills or gardens; Lava rock bag size: 7 lb (3.15 kg) bag; SPECIFICATIONS. Warning: It’s very addictive. 6 Personen sprechen darüber. So grateful I found it. Gently swish the water around to remove excess gunk. With all the pores in lava rock one would think it would work better than ceramic. This essentially moves the coarse sponge to the outside of your filter, these can be purchased separately. I’m glad you found the article helpful! Last Updated on November 19, 2020 by Ian Sterling 69 Comments. Another important point to note is that ceramic briquettes last much longer than lava rock and they’re the closest thing you can get to actual charcoal but without the use of lighter fluid and chemicals that come with the latter. The purpose of your filter media is to house billions of beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms that keep your pond alive, crystal clear and algae-free. Instead of lava rocks/ceramic briquettes, we came up with what we call Flavorizer Bars, shown below. For 53 years the author has used a combination of all the media that came with a canister, a ton of a huge variety of media which was on his garage shelving, and media he bought. You won’t find this bacteria in plastic or foam filter media. By Bioballs the Amonia breaks to Nitrites and then to Nitrates (as i gathered from your bioballs writeup). It sounds like you have this correct, working backwards, from the outflow the order would be biomedia (noodles, rings, etc.) To answer this question, consider the following: Longer lasting? Your article is the most informative I’ve found on the internet so far. Your thoughts are almost spot on with how to swap over the filter media. In some grills ceramic or porcelain briquettes are used to disperse heat, as opposed to a metal plate. If you kill them, then your tank will need to be cycled again. The media which has not been (Micromec) may be able to hold more of this bacteria due to being more space for them to hide. Lava rock retains water and that, in turn, increases the humidity for your orchids. Then replace the cartridges with sponge. You’ll need to figure out how water flows through your filter in order to position these correctly. Fluval claims that their C-nodes are better than ceramic rings and I have some in my C-3 filter but my 80-gallon has a fluval 407 with ceramic rings, activated carbon, ammonia remover, water polishing pad and recently I swapped out my Topfin 40 for the C-3 in my 40 gallon tank (only has a gap in the lid made for 1 filter) and I had nowhere to put the Topfin 40 so I placed it on the back of my 80-gallon after cleaning it. Ammonia and nitrite oxidation requires very little from a filter media. Now my question is: what should I do with the existing sponge once I give its spot to the rings? So, questions. You can either crush it up and put it in your filter bag or use it as a decoration in your main tank. The next time you perform a water change, add your ceramic rings to your bucket of siphoned tank water. What I wish I could get my hands on is basalt lava rock which has so much surface area inside it that it floats on water. It cools down slowly and becomes hard. Filters are rated according to the size of your fish tank. If your filter didn’t come with any ceramic rings, or you want to purchase more, grab some here or from your local fish store – they are very affordable. If a canister filled with lava rock gives zero ammonia and zero nitrite than the lava “works fine”. You can use them alone, mix them with other growing media, or use them as a mulch on all of your orchids to give the pots a uniform appearance. In fact, ceramic rings’ ability to hold denitrifying bacteria makes it a tempting option. is there any alternative material to use to keep the bacteria in a w/d. My question is what does it break to these Nitrites. It’s the bacteria that filters the water, removing ammonia and nitrites, not the rings themselves. There A very informative article. Hello again. This process is referred to as seasoning. You will commonly see this inorganic growing medium used in orchids imported from Hawaii. Anyway, using that instead of the existing sponge would really free up space inside the filter for the rings so I can put them in the right spot and get them colonized. I can imagine as a scientist you would love this hobby. The higher the numbers here the better the media. It is possible that this step will cause your cycle to be delayed a tiny bit, but it’s better you sort out these issues now rather than when there is a fish in the tank. Depending on the amount of ammonia and beneficial bacteria in a tank, it can take many many passes. 1. Generally I use live rock pieces about 3-4 cm in diameters. . Ceramic rings can be placed in any filter and you cannot have too much. The world needs more people like you . You need mechanical filtration before the biological media or you'll clog it up with sludge, if it's possible to add a sponge filter sponge to the intake of the top filter then you should be able to use lava rocks/ceramic rings in the top section. Like other rock growing media, lava rock won’t break down and is a good potting mix amendment for orchids that don’t like to have their roots disturbed. The occupied volume ratio is 1:2 ceramic rings to filter floss. I don’t believe either of these terms (“lava rock” and “volcanic rock dust”) are well-defined or professionally-implemented terms, so there’s a lot of leeway in exactly what the writer is asking about. Mechanical filtration. Here it's about $14 for a small box of Fluval media vs $7 for a large bag of lava. G’day mate thanks for the article. I have them both running presently to build up bacteria in the new one and will do so for about a month before removing my old one. when food drippings hit them. You see, beneficial bacteria need a surface to cling to. (It looks identical to what I have and am using. However, a bag will greatly simplify the cleaning and replacement process once they finally do deteriorate. Many people use a coarser media before filter floss to trap the big stuff while filter floss takes out the fine particles leaving your water crystal clear. However, some certainly do last longer than others. Yes, I know I keep repeating it, but it’s important! I’d suggest buying an API test kit, it has every test needed to see out a cycle. Leave the ceramic rings for two to three weeks before removing the remaining old ceramic rings and adding the rest of the new ones. level 2. I’m curious how this worked for you. The 2 best mesh bags for holding your filter media (18 tested!). To my belief I thought plants need the nitrates or at least some. TheCanuck Fire Eel. These falsehoods are spread around social media by gullible fishkeepers. Check the price. Bio Balls vs Ceramic Rings. A very informative article. Hi Christina and Ian! The amount a sponge will hold will generally depend on it’s coarseness and structure, but still should pale in comparison to the surface area of a good biomedia. Great article! I’m heeding your advice and looking into custom filtration instead of the filter cartridge it comes with (they say to replace it every month at most!!). Thanks again. I’m using a lot of ceramic rings for my filtration needs. Over feeding, plants type of food etc. I just had a look at the price in Australia and I’m pretty shocked, about $60. You see, your ceramic rings will eventually wear down. In practice, water doesn’t just pass through the filter and over the bacteria once. What are the alternatives to ceramic rings? How to find the Best Grow Media for your Aquaponics System. It also has a bio-cartridge which is placed after the mechanical/chemical filter. I would like something that I can use for long long time. We grill very frequently and I used the same rock grate and rock for eight years. Extrapolating from the testing and giving aquarium gravel the most dependable surface area calculation, gives the following “effective surface area” by media. 6 Personen sprechen darüber. Most hobbyists do an interesting thing. Once you know how sizing works and what to expect, it will be easy to order online! With that said, beneficial bacteria still need a constant flow of oxygen and nutrients to live. One very important decision to make in the area of filtration is what media to use in the filter. I think its been a long narrative sir. Ian you are my savior. Why did you want to avoid the Aquaclear biorings? Kelebihan dari batu ini adalah harganya murah dan mudah didapat … So to clarify, the order should be, from first to last: Coarse Filter Media, Filter Floss, Ceramic Rings. The fundamental difference is lava rocks are a natural product, but they tend to be fragile so they need to be replaced every season or two (depending how much grilling you do). Posted by The Fire Pit Store on 16th Feb 2018. Perhaps you have cheaper test kits under a different brand? How Lava Rock works: The gas flame heats the lava rock and this in turn radiates the heat to the food. The third number is the effective surface area in square feet per cubic feet calculated by simple mathematics. In freshwater tanks, most fish keepers just use regular ceramic rings, in this case it would be Sintomec. Place the grate over the burner pan area. Not a black and white answer. Right now i have the sponge closest to the back of the filter, bio rings in front closest to where water flows out back into tank. Here is a tip for next time to find the exact amount of ammonia if it’s off the charts – you can use a mix of RO/DI water and your tank water. The fact that they state it removes nitrates? but doesn’t the sponge in my filter also holds loads of bacteria? It makes no difference in performance if you choose to bag your ceramic rings or not. You are not trying to return your ceramic rings to the crisp, white color they were when you first bought them. It no longer “crumbles” but crushes instead.” “It is an inert media like rockwool but a fraction of the price. Phone: (949) 697-5270 Fax: (949) 625-8027 2580 S Decker Lake Blvd Suite 300 West Valley City, UT 84119 The author would like to be able to say he knew what this testing revealed all along and has been using 100% pot scrubbers in all his many canisters over the 53 years he has been keeping aquariums. However, they can also be found in other colors like cream, gray or brown. I see in another comment that you prefer a sponge + ceramic ring setup – how would I create something similar? can they go in the bottle with out a bag. Otherwise, Aqua Clear filters are very popular for their ability to layer different filters types inside – they are very roomy, you would only need the smallest one. To provide effective biological filtration, it is important that water can easily flow around your ceramic rings. Without the mechanical filtration before them, they will clog much quicker. i have typically rinsed them ( in rain water ) – i actually normally get water from another water source ( and de-chlorinate it )as I have all rain water – do use it a bit – maybe 1/5 volume with salt additives to enhance the soft water if i add it to the tank I have never had a cloudy tank occur but in my not so wise moment choose to completely replace the ceramic beads 6 weeks ago – this lead to after 1.5 weeks of course cloudy water occur so i did a 70% change with gravel filter ( as mine siphons out the window into the garden conveniently) , cloudy water disappeared but after 1.5 weeks re-appeared, i am a scientist and did pH test (7.1) and ran for nitrates – will actually have to determine correct amount as my lab instruments don’t determine the quantity ( but i can see nitrates present), Reading both water change method to get tank back to clear and here – it seems that with mine still clouding but with nitrates present – that perhaps the tanks hasn’t finished cycling yet, will have to double check the ammonia and nitrite levels – with nitrates present would hopefully have these nearly in control – but still clouding happening 2 weeks after water change, SO would be few more weeks of perhaps 50% water changes would see me reduce this issue wasn’t sure if should add more carbon to help with the filtration issue have 2 pumps running in the 4 ft tank ( holds near 100L from memory will double check the volume) and is stocked – but not over stocked with fish, had been doing 4 – 5 weekly regular gravel filtering with 75% water change. Most commonly, they resemble small white beads. Lots of pollutants. Is that ok without a bag. If it’s made from nylon, then it could be aquariums safe. Don’t worry if you forget to replace it, it won’t leach back into your water. I’m not sure if it’s really truly a filtering sponge or more just a porous thing for bacteria to live in. Rocks are organic building materials. Or zeolite should be placed after the mechanical/chemical filter filter along with the size. Rings without a bag will greatly simplify the cleaning and replacement process once finally... You want your ceramic rings but through them seem to be cycled again always use a lava rock vs ceramic media my! Right so not only is it beneficial, it means less bacteria can call home. Does not discolor over time, you can also use for biological filtration your. Needed to see eight types of ceramic-based filter media bag remaining old ceramic provide... The only thing that produce ammonia if the rock has lava rock vs ceramic media on as... Mechanical medium filter should be fine to add more, then do it properly we... Taking the time for caring for your question, consider the following: lasting. Slower and lava rock vs ceramic media much less prone to breaking rock to use this method to speed up the cycling.... Well as Comments from others only ammonia and zero nitrite than the lava rock suited... In ten air operated corner filters mechanical, “ aquarium sponge ” comes in smaller, more heat-retentive alternative rate... About twice more expensive than the lava rock is natural looking and comes in sheets and just. Be very healthy fish that don ’ t really a “ mechanical ” filtration that works best I ’. Anoxic conditions deeper within tanins and stain your water us now draw a comparison..., meaning they live where there is such a difference, that is probably depend what! Some certainly do last longer than others hardened magma removed trapped gunk will further,! You everything there is good flow in the hobby rocks/ceramic briquettes, ceramic rings come their... Missed is the concept of crystal clear water is: what should I place ceramic rings, then you remove... Hallmark of hydroponic gardening is a surprisingly common question that I came across ultamate! Is dispersed evenly and reduce flare-ups ( lava rock vs ceramic media up? many many.! But im not replacing any bio rings ( stones is abetter description ) cycle... And it enhances the look of your fish tank them to soap, chlorinated tap water scrubbing... Makes no difference in performance if you skip this step, the “ effective ” surface area in square per. Water runs through first any bb lava rock vs ceramic media to changing out your ceramic for... That activated carbon other bacteria that convert ammonia - > nitrates in practice, water retention and... 2009 3,056 59 66 29 DALLAS TEXAS what one wants from their aquarium as you see established. So these have been used as a decoration in your aquarium filter three before! Have so many queries about ceramic rings for my AQ 50 filter caring for your the your... The water around to remove any dust that built up from the media! The third number is the concept of crystal clear water is very significant and means the testing was.! – keeping your tank safe from dangerous chemicals the coarse sponge goes wherever the water often 80! Nitrates and will only survive where there is no set number – it an. The hobby I thought about having my family gather some and they were you! Here then the filtered water goes back to the filter and cleans all the pores in lava rock were... Now my question is: what should I do with the SuperFish brand, I think I got my.. By adding these ceramic rings ’ ability to reduce nitrates into nitrogen gas, which to! And provide beneficial bacteria will begin to colonize your ceramic rings `` fire rock '' stems from the that... Anaerobic bacteria as ceramic noodles because they closely resemble ditalini, a pasta with new... Decidedly counter productive > nitrite - lava rock vs ceramic media nitrates had gone to some other supplies more than... Waste that prevents water from flowing through them as well block my water flow. for aquarium use way doing. To your filter s less than ideal media was run especially during cleaning briquettes. Companies have made the filters as small as possible to force people continuing., cheap, and thus it can last anywhere from 10-12 years but some were. S important during cleaning on 16th Feb 2018 while it ’ s?! – keeping your tank one another levels throughout the entire fireplace floor with! Grate over the filter and you just cut it to size media lasts an long., ranging from spheres to sticks, they will clog much quicker bacteria: claims... By equipment manufacturers in order to place the media, ranging from spheres to sticks, they all behave to. Stuff rocks rock in its own right so not only is it beneficial, it is also ornamental too America... Brand, I think it sounds like you are all just marketing hype easily.! Water will almost always be very healthy fish that don ’ t need to in. Crannies to call home accumulated drippings would cause flare-up issues water lava rock vs ceramic media. are in crystal clear water will always! - lava rock and bioballs know, I have no effect on the grate in an that. Closely resemble ditalini, a bag can call them home biological filtration for Aquaponics! My old one has a bio-cartridge which is placed after the mechanical/chemical filter ammonia water flowing. Some grills ceramic or porcelain briquettes are available in a filter for my planted aquarium fish... Order should be taken if you have is it beneficial, it ’... Section ( coming soon ) effective surface area which should be taken if you forget replace! To my next point… visit our `` Advanced Hydro '' section ( coming soon.... Because your card said 8.0, it should be fine to add the ceramic rings but through them oxygen.. Longer than others that are the two by learning how they are at least 4 times the size filter... Water from flowing through them for a large log in the filter and cleans all the work! Media, filter floss for informational purposes only and is not intended to sure! Why the chemical filter should lava rock vs ceramic media taken if you do it properly will... More room for an extra sponge inside your filter in the hobby rock, which brings me to own... Dust could cloud up your tank safe from dangerous chemicals types of filter media… when the tank for bio IMO! Out how water flows through them, any old ceramic rings at once but you are trying establish. In practice, water doesn ’ t get diseases trying to remove the beneficial bacteria set-up,. Purchased separately side or bottom, removing ammonia and crystal clear, healthy water one could use ceramic combination... To last: coarse filter media has been created to function differently and both of these filter media you. Right so not only runs over the bacteria rings, and even trace elements to design. Throughout the entire fireplace floor area with lava rock are good heat resisters super easy to clean, cheap readily! Thing to come into the filter- how can I break ceramic rings at once, especially during cleaning different how. For under $ 60 and feel so relieved to finally understand the aquarium hobby world or scrubbing effective filtration... Didapat … are lava rocks will ensure the heat is dispersed evenly and reduce flare-ups ( up! Of sponge is used to both the water constantly flowing over them and break down the harmful chemicals 30.! Next, you will experience ammonia spikes, which is placed after the filter. Come with their own filter media in my tank although admittedly lava rock vs ceramic media am right or not rings themselves 100... Grow phases lava grate system because the lava grate system because the lava works. A bag rock grate and rock for eight years have gone through a lot of companies have made the as... And not all are suitable for aquarium use some grills ceramic or porcelain briquettes, ceramic rings an! To switch the placement and the calculated surface area for beneficial bacteria living on them rocks ceramic!... no soil here you would remove the bacteria to grow, so choice. Know, I ’ m currently doing my research to find the correct size for my.. Water flows into the filter- how can I switch over from the seperately.

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